Being Mortal

Being Mortal, Atul Gawande

Reading anything by Atul Gawande is truly a treat. While the topic might not immediately appeal (aging and death, anyone?), this is an important read for those who might at some point be in a caretaker role. And that's pretty much everyone. As the Boomers begin to age, taking a more honest and open approach to death can ease some of the pain and regret that is today so rampant and wrapped up in a caretaker's role. Filled with heartfelt stories, clinical research and implementable advice, Gawande melds the medical with the deeply personal in a way that few can. 

Highly recommended for anyone looking to explore life from another perspective and dive into a profound meditation on what is really important as we each face aging and death. 

Recommended for: The caretaker and giver in your life.

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